Critter Quiz Take Ruben's Critter Quiz below, and when you're finished, you'll find out how much you really know about science.  So give it a try...
1.  A habitat is: 3.  All insects have:
A) Exoskeletons  B) Endoskeletons  C) Hydroskeletons 4.
A) A place where you bake cookies  B) A place where you practice your habits  C) A place where an animal or plant lives Cray fish are also called:  A) Craw sisters  B) Craw dads  C) Craw moms
2.  A mink frog can give off a smell like:
A) Old sneakers  B) Rotten onions  C) Last month's meatloaf 5.  Dragonflies are called dragon flies because:
A) They breathe fire  B) They attack and eat insects in flight like a dragon  C) They have shiny, green scales all over their body