SCIENCE FUN Night Buggin'
Pitfall Trap
NIGHT BUGGIN'   Try this really fun and cool nature project on your own!  You'll need your parents' permission to stay up late to set up your equipment.
WHAT YOU'LL NEED:  White sheet and clothes pins - Rope - Utility lamps - "Black Light" bulbs - Surge Protector (if using multiple lamps) - Outdoor Extension Cords WHAT TO DO:  1) Tie your rope between 2 trees int he woods, a field, or as far from your house as extension cords will reach.   2) Hang your white sheet on or over the rope and position your lamps around the sheet and aim them directly at it.
Flashlight or headlamp - notebook and pencil - field guide to insects - net - jar Bugs are attracted to the white sheet.
Use your flashlight to spot different insects. 3)  Plug in your lamps, turn them on, and wait for it to get dark.  It's important to turn your lamps on one half-hour before dark so the insects have time to find the light.  (NOTE: LAMPS GET VERY HOT.  KEEP THEM AWAY FROM ANYTHING THAT CAN CATCH FIRE!)  4)  After dark, take your flashlight, Field Guide, and notebook to note what shows up.
Different nights bring different insects Describe the different insects you see in your notebook, or draw them.  Try to identify them with a Field Guide.  You may not identify them exactly, but you can narrow down the type of insect it is.  5)  Keep bugs for observation using your net and jar.    Be careful -- you don't want to hurt them and you don't want them to hurt you.  Never try to pick up an insect you think could sting or bite you.
Never pick up an insect you think could sting or bite. 6)  When you're done, turn off the lamps and let them cool before taking them inside for the night.     You'll see new and cool insects on different nights so don't get discouraged if your first try doesn't produce many insects.  Ask your parents and give it a try!  It's a great way to find out what insects live in your neighborhood.  Have fun!

PITFALL TRAP   Learn what kinds of insects you can find around your own home!
WHAT YOU'LL NEED:  Plastic or Glass Jar or Small Container - Four Thin Pieces of Wood - One Flat Piece of Wood Large Enough to Cover the Jar or Container WHAT TO DO:  1) Dig a hole as deep as the jar or container being used and wide enough to place it in the ground.  2) Place the jar or container in the hole, filling dirt in around it, and keeping the top of the jar or container level with the ground.
[pictures] In the Watch It section, you can watch a special video showing how to make your own Pitfall Trap
3)  Dig four small trenches around the jar or container's edges in an